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Dufengxuan was founded in 1997 and is a national high-tech enterprise that uses fresh bones of livestock and poultry as raw materials to develop and produce bone seasonings. It is the drafting unit of the national standard for the bone seasoning industry in China, and also a listed enterprise with 27 national invention patents for bone seasoning.

Dufengxuan - a service enterprise for the entire industry chain of Chinese bone soup, is currently a national high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it registered on the New Third Board (838561) and was a pioneer in natural high calcium bone seasoning. It invented the comprehensive extraction and utilization technology of livestock and poultry bones and led the drafting of national standards for bone seasoning. 28 invention patents have helped numerous light meal soup food catering chain enterprises achieve rapid development of "N+1".

Tang Shi Dai, a professional service provider in the Chinese soup supply chain. New catering, new models, and a brand new supply chain concept have eliminated the numerous circulation links of traditional ingredients, aiming to help catering small businesses across the country solve product supply, raw material selection, regional warehousing supply and distribution of raw and auxiliary materials. The integration, catering, warehousing, logistics, and empowerment platform were the original intention of Tang Shi Dai.

New Food God, a brand operator of lazy seasoning, pre made dishes, and pre made soup shakes. In 2001, Du Fengxuan was the first to discover the secret in bones and launched a bone seasoning that combines nutrition and delicacy. It not only enhances the unique flavor of traditional cuisine, but also meets the diverse needs of food flavors, ushering in the era of bone seasoning and making human eating healthier.

Hainan Yangpu Supply Chain Branch, established in Yangpu, invested in the construction of Dufengxuan 30000 ton small molecule protein raw soup deep processing industrial base at the International Health Food Port.

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Food prioritizes taste, and we can help any cooking to make delicious and standard upgrades

The company has 28 national invention patents for bone seasoning and is a national high-tech enterprise. It has taken the lead in drafting industry standards for bone seasoning

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For more than 20 years, Dufengxuan has relied on its own development and thoughtful services to excel in the catering industry

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Chinese soup and food catering can achieve global store expansion, and standardization of soup base production and supply chain are the fundamental guarantees. Finding the Dufengxuan Bone God Soup ingredient is equivalent to finding the password for upgrading soup base.

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